Environment and Food Unit

Environment and Food

The Environment and Food Unit is committed to tackling environmental challenges encompassing climate change as well as air and marine pollution, both of which have significant and for-reaching a wide range of impacts. We’re also dedicated to creating a sustainable supply system for safe, secure food, always prioritizing the preservation of our global environment. Our approach includes conducting in-depth research in atmospheric and marine sciences for improved understanding and mitigation of air and sea environmental issues. Furthermore, our food and agricultural research efforts involve innovative strategies such as aquaculture, breeding technologies, and the resourceful conversion of non-edible materials. All these initiatives are part of our mission to give back to society and bring practical solutions to fruition on both national and international scales.
Our research findings will contribute to solving multifaceted social issues in regions facing environmental and food problems.

Road Map

Member and Group

Unit Leader
Susumu Fukuda
  • Executive Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
Unit Sub Leaders
Atsuhiko Isobe
  • Professor, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics
Shigemi Kagawa
  • Professor, Faculty of Economics
Takahiro Nakamura
  • Professor, Faculty of Agriculture