Report of the 2nd ocean plastics research society in Environmental and Food Unit

Marine Science Group from Environment and Food Unit held the second internal ocean plastics research society on October 16th.

The aim of this society series is to facilitate the exchange of information regarding ocean plastic research, and the Marine Science Group from the Environment and Food Unit has been organizing it since this year.

We invited Dr. Edward Nagato from Shimane University, who introduced plastic crystallinity and its relation to environmental microplastics.

PD Yuki Takai, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University also shared one of her research projects, the behavioral effects of microplastics on fish (Medaka): combined effects with pharmaceuticals and behavioral impact of microplastics alone.

The participants from various research fields had numerous questions and opinions, and the event concluded successfully.

Thank you very much to all of you for your participation.
The details of the third society will also be updated on this website, so we look forward to receiving many more participants!

講演する長門 豪 助教(島根大学)