Mobility Workshop for Decarbonization was held on Nov 14th

Decarbonization Unit successfully organized Mobility Workshop for Decarbonization on November 14th, 2023 with grateful supports from some companies. The aim was to provide an opportunity to realize the efficiency of our individual choices for daily mobility in contributing to a carbon-neutral society.

The workshop included lectures on the main topic of Visualization and Sharing, along with a panel discussion. Additionally, various electric motorcycles were exhibited simultaneously, allowing participants to try them out.

■Lecture #1
“Start rethinking mobility for decarbonization” by Associate Professor, Yuriko Hayabuchi, Global Innovation Center, Kyushu University
The lecture highlighted the reasons why mobility is the most efficient topic in decarbonization for everyone, based on specific data from the Japanese government. It showed that the users of transportation and the producers of CO2 are the same, and shifting from cars to public transportation as our mobility choices, depending on individuals, is much easier than transforming at a large organization.

■Lecture #2
“Visualizing decarbonization from mobility by “CO2CO2″ app” by Yasuko Nomura, CEO, Linkhola Co., Ltd
The smartphone app, CO2CO2, released by Linkhola, can show how much CO2 each user emits and reduces through their mobility activities. Users can earn rewards for use at local stores or restaurants based on their performances, aiming to spread a mindset in the regional society.

■Lecture #3
“Local ecosystem by sharing mobility” by Tomoaki Kudo, CEO, OpenStreet, Co., Ltd
The sharing platform, as one of their business services, can naturally promote people to use electric motorcycles as an additional option. Furthermore, enormous data sent by each mobility device can bring new business ideas to solve social problems, particularly in city areas such as heavy traffic jams or disasters.

■Lecture #4
“Shared mobility as a suggestion by Kyushu U’s student” by Riki Yamagami, Undergraduate student, Kyushu University
Many students who study on Ito Campus face common transportation problems such as expensive fees, long lines at bus stops, and crowded buses. Shared mobility can solve these issues and possibly showcase a new Itoshima as an attractive spot.

Both participants and lecturers discussed various opinions during the Q&A session and panel discussion, enjoying the experience of trying compact electric motorcycles.

Thank you for your participation.

Opening remarks by Executive Vice President Yoshimi Sonoda
Lectures' session by Associate Professor, Yuriko Hayabuchi
Lectures' session by Riki Yamagami
Q&A Session
Mobility exhibition