Awarded two researchers from Integrated Initiative for designing Future Societiy

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Commendation for “Science and Technology Award”, aimed at recognizing outstanding achievements of individuals who have made remarkable contributions to research and development and the promotion of understanding in the field of science and technology, seeks to enhance the motivation of those engaged in science and technology and contribute to the improvement of Japan’s scientific and technological level. Eleven faculty members of Kyushu University have been awarded this prestigious prize. Among the awardees, two faculty members below are actively involved in research activities as members of Integrated Initiative for Designing Future Society.

Science and Technology Award at Research Section
– Yutaka Arakawa, Executive Assistant to the President, Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Unit Sub Leader in Think Tank Unit
– Yasuyuki Ohkawa, Professor, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Group Leader in Medicine and Health Unit

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