Pick up research projects supported by Kyushu University Fund

The Kyushu University Fund was established with generous donations from the Centennial Fund Raising.
These funds are used to provide support for education, research, and medical treatment at Kyushu University, and to improve and enhance its environment. As a global academic leader, Kyushu University aims to lead the world in its quest for knowledge, to build a center that will open up a new century of knowledge, and to promote high-quality higher education supported by people around the world, and to promote research activities that truly contribute to humanity and society as a center for the pursuit, creation, and development of better knowledge.
To achieve this objective, Kyushu University seeks to strategically appropriate and utilize the funds to undertake a variety of projects.

Some researchers in Decarbonization Unit are conducting each project supported by the Kyushu University Fund as the followings.

Developing photon energy conversion system by integration of emerging photofunctional molecules
By combining advanced material technology with cutting-edge technology for controlling light, we aim to realize the dream of mankind, such as highly efficient artificial photosynthesis.
– Miyata Kiyoshi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Sciences

Startup co-creation research project for realization of smart CO2 capture and utilization in protected agriculture
Through collaborative research between agriculture and engineering, we will engage in research and development aimed at achieving agriculture that is both highly productive and environmentally friendly (i.e., CO2 emission free).
– Daisuke Yasutake, Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture

Urban Energy Module
We will work on research and development of a simulator that can evaluate the impact of technologies such as hydrogen and storage batteries when they are socially implemented and introduced to cities.
– Daisuke Sumiyoshi, Professor, Faculty of Human-Environment Studies

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