On September 9, 2022, the “KYUSHU UNIVERSITY VISION 2030 Kickoff Symposium: Integrated Initiative for Designing Future Society and Data-Driven Innovation Initiative Launch” was held at Shiiki Hall on Kyushu University’s Ito Campus and online. Approximately 300 participants from corporations, local governments, universities, and other relevant organizations attended the event.

Kyushu University has declared its commitment to be a “Driving social change with integrative knowledge” as part of the KYUSHU UNIVERSITY VISION 2030, which was formulated and announced in November 2021. With the aim of realizing this vision, the university is dedicated to addressing social issues and promoting digital transformation (DX) to contribute to societal change. The symposium held this time was organized to foster understanding and engagement in the future activities of the Integrated Initiative for Designing Future Society and the Data-Driven Innovation Initiative, which were established in April 2022 as the driving forces behind these efforts. Through the presentation of activities and examples of initiatives inside and outside the university related to solving social issues and promoting DX, the symposium aimed to encourage participation and enhance understanding of the future activities of the two headquarters.

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