Application Closed: Ideas and Proposals Contest for Solving Social Issues 2023

The contest will be hosted internally in order to disseminate ideas and proposals to address various social issues as one of events in FS&DX JOINT SYMPOSIUM 2023.

Please note that all applicants are required to prepare materials in accordance with application guideline below.

We look forward to receieving a lot of your submissions!
We have closed the application, thank you for all your participation.

Researchers and Students at Kyushu University who are motivated to realize Kyushu University VISION 2030 by their own research
*They must be under 35 years old as of March 31, 2024.

■Application Category
– Decarbonization
– Medicine and Health
– Environment and Food
– Next issues

[For researchers]
Excellence Award for 1 winner: 500,000 Yen
Encouragement Awards for 3 winners: 300,000 Yen

[For Students]
Excellence Award for 1 winner: 300,000 Yen
Encouragement Awards for 3 winners: 100,000 Yen

■Materials to be submitted
1. Entry sheet (in prescribed format)
2. Proposal (in prescribed format)
3. A video summarizing your presentation in 3 minutes or less (in mp4 format)

■Application deadline
Friday, July 28, 2023

■Submission address

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