8 studies selected: Implementation of feasibility studies aimed at creating Environmental and Food research cores that lead social change

The Unit of Environment and Food has announced its commitment to supporting feasibility studies that can serve as the cornerstone of Kyushu University Vision, promoting interdisciplinary research in the field of Environment and Food. We are pleased to announce that the following eight studies have been successfully selected to receive grants.

Selected Feasibility Studies
■Creation of plants that will play a leading role in bringing food to mankind
Associate Professor Eiji Gotoh, Faculty of Agriculture

■Microwave high-precision sterilization for enhanced food quality and reduced food loss
Associate Professor Shuntaro Tsubaki, Faculty of Agriculture

■Development of in planta speaking technology with micro-device-embedded crops
Associate Professor Yushi Ishibashi, Faculty of Agriculture

■Establishment of new peptidomics technology that reflects food and biological information
Associate Professor Mitsuru Tanaka, Faculty of Agriculture
■Survey of consumer acceptance of genome-edited foods and insect prey for marine products
Associate Professor Yoshifumi Takahashi, Faculty of Agriculture

■Feasibility Study on mitochondrial genome editing to establish a breeding platform
Associate Professor Tomohiko Kazama, Faculty of Agriculture

■Creation of “Comprehensive Knowledge of Entomophagy” from Asia – through international and interdisciplinary collaborative research
Associate Professor Kun Qian, Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies

■External costs of air pollution beyond health hazards: an empirical analysis using individual panel data
Lecturer Nakaishi Tomoaki, Faculty of Economics

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