Announcement of the 99th Science Cafe @ Fukuoka

“Science Cafe @ Fukuoka” was held in August 2012, with the main purpose of disseminating and understanding the ILC (International Linear Collider) project, and was organized by Fukuoka Prefecture and Kyushu University and sponsored by the Advanced Basic Science Next Generation Accelerator Research Group. It has been held once a month since April.

From the 14th conference (held in November 2013), the theme has expanded beyond particle physics to a wide range of fields.

“Science Cafe @ Fukuoka” is an event where anyone can easily participate and ask questions by minimizing the distance between instructors and participants. No basic knowledge is required. Every time we hold an event, we try to make sure that all participants, from children to adults, can enjoy science.

We are pleased to announce that Professor Yoshito Ogata from the Think Tank Unit will be speaking at the upcoming seminar.

Please get more detailed information in Japanese.

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  • Thursday, Jan 25th, 2024

    19:00 ~

Zoom Webinar