The third ocean plastics research society in Environmental and Food Unit

Marine Science Group from Environment and Food Unit will hold the third internal ocean plastics research society on Dec 18.

This Society aims to facilitate the exchange of information regarding ocean plastic research. While the primary target audience consists of researchers and students internally, individuals from outside the institution are also welcome to participate if they are introduced by a participant. We invite participation from a wide range of fields, including not only marine plastics but also areas such as plastic waste, bioplastic production, those interested in Earth sciences, approaches from polymer science and environmental toxicology, and various other fields. Of course, we also welcome those who are simply interested and would like to listen to the discussions. Please feel free to drop by and join us.

– Program –

Speaker: Dr. Dai-ichiro Kato, Kagoshima University
Title: Turning Waste into a 180° Transformation: The Challenge of Nylon Resource Recovery

Speaker: Dr. Yingjun An, Research Center For Negative Emissions Technologies, Kyushu University
Title: Photooxidation and Fragmentation Behavior of Oriented Isotactic Polypropylene

Speaker: Dr.Adchara Padermshoke, Research Center For Negative Emissions Technologies, Kyushu University
Title: Environmental Degradation of Polyolefins Containing Oxo-Biodegradable Additives

11:40 – 12:00
Free discussion

Please get more information including programs at Japanese page.

How to Apply

Please sign up at the link below to participate in it online.

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  • Monday, Dec 18th, 2023

    10:00 ~ 12:00

332 Room, 3rd Floor, Research Facilities for Co-Evolutional Social Systems, Center Zone, Ito Campus