Mobility Workshop for Decarbonization - Visualization and Sharing

The Decarbonization Unit  is organizing a workshop to raise awareness about the importance of individual efforts in decarbonization. The events will be held in Japanese.

In this workshop, the following events are planned:

  1. Exhibition and Experience of Mobility Leading to Decarbonization [13:00-17:00 Approx.] You can experience various forms of mobility that contribute to decarbonization, including nationwide seamless shared bicycles, three-wheeled vehicles suitable for small mopeds, and e-Bikes equivalent to mopeds.
  2. Measurement of Daily CO2 Reduction Using the “Kotsukotsu (CO2CO2)” Mobility App
    With the “Kotsukotsu (CO2CO2)” app, you can easily measure how small changes in your daily mobility can lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases. Points earned through decarbonization actions can be redeemed for discounts on ethical products and services, so please consider registering. You can download the app here:

  3. For Those Who Want to Learn How Daily Mobility and Transportation Contribute to Decarbonization [Lecture: 14:00-17:00 Approx.]
    Under the theme “The Effects of Mobility Visualization and Sharing on Carbon Reduction Efforts,” we will discuss how individual behavior changes in mobility, which are essential for promoting decarbonization efforts throughout society. The discussion will explore how mobility visualization and sharing can influence carbon neutrality, incorporating cutting-edge information from various perspectives.
How to Apply

The lecture will be availble on zoom.
If you would like to join online, please sign up here.

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  • Tuesday, Nov 14th, 2023

    13:00 ~ 17:00

Center Zone 6 Building, Ito Campus